Drum lessons

José Rosendo has devoted the last decade to giving private, personalised drums lessons from beginner to advanced level. His teaching methodology allows you to learn gradually and effective in your own time, while you study the essential parts of the instrument and analyse your favourite drumming techniques.


José Rosendo has a well organised and structured syllabus for different levels which has been developed ovee many years of study amd oedagogy which consists of reading, writing, transcription and rhythm analysis. He exploits aspects to the full such as techniques, double bass drumming, basic drumming, independence, styles and improvasiation.

Lessons take place at Nostromo Studios, his own classroom located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), which is perfectly adapted acustically and equipped with two top-range drumsets. Jose gives weekly lessons and receives students from all the Iberian Peninsula thanks to his flexible method based on intensive courses, thought for people who live far away and can’t take weekly one-hour lessons.

What are you waiting for? Exploit and improve your potential.